Wrestle Wipe 2019: Oct-Dec


– Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt start a Patreon together due to having less dates and more time on their schedules which prompts discussion about AEW’s pay scale and whether or not this is just a genuine side hustle.

– The Wednesday Night Wars begin! Jack Swagger makes his debut on AEW’s first episode of Dynamite. Finn Balor and Tommaso Ciampa make their returns to NXT.

– AEW beats NXT in the ratings in their first ratings war. WWE sends their regards via a Tweet whilst also reminding AEW that it’s a marathon and not a sprint (a few weeks before they kick start the NXT invasion of WWE flagship shows and vice-versa).

– With the Wednesday Night Wars now in full swing, a huge number of WWE fans are only just finding out for the first time what it’s like for there to be a second big company and this REALLY upsets them.

– WWE pulls several talents from wXw’s tag tournament weekend, and along with other issues and cancellations, causes big changes to the weekend. This includes A-Kid, who works a NXT-UK dark match on the same day he was scheduled to work Night 1 of the tourney.

– A-Kid wins wXw’s AMBITION tournament (a shoot style tourney with UWF-esque rules) with a Spanish Fly into an submission.

– Chael Sonnen calls the WWE product “Rotten garbage”.

– Smackdown’s big debut on FOX includes an ill-advised Firefly Funhouse segment, with FOX execs in the front row looking very bemused and confused.

– Also on that show, Brock Lesnar wins the the WWE title, pinning Kofi Kingston in 9 seconds.

– “If I rated matches based on my personal taste, they would be altogether different” – Dave Meltzer, 06/10/19.

– During wXw’s World Tag Team Festival, Robbie Brookside is announced for a future wXw Hall Of Fame induction, and the induction graphic on the wXw Tron shows him wearing a WWE Performance Centre t-shirt.

– Seth Rollins defeats The Fiend by DQ in a Hell In A Cell match that was bathed in red light and was universally buried. The live crowd boos the shit out of it long after the show has ended. Worst finish of the year, worst match of the year, the lot.

– Tyson Fury & Cain Velasquez show up on WWE TV to kick start the build to everyone’s favourite blood money pro wrestling events.

– Blue Meanie goes to Twitter and declares that everyone will continue to watch RAW regardless of all their moaning, obliviously ignoring the massive decline in ratings since 2001.

– Kylie Rae, who was being positioned as one of AEW’s top babyfaces, starts taking indie bookings after leaving AEW earlier in the year. Everyone who asks questions is told to fuck off by fans and journos, which seems very odd and not normal, even for Twitter.

– NWA Powerrrrrrrrrrr smashes into the wrestling hierarchy, with a roster straight from a Global Force Wrestling UK Tour. But it has great promos, an intriguing main storyline and Eddie Kingston to balance it all out.

– Master P buys House Of Glory pro wrestling.

– Kenny Omega debuts his barbed wire broom and I lose the will to live as I cringe with every muscle contorting in my body.

– Chad Gable is renamed Shorty G (despite him being 4 inches taller than New Japan’s resident hard bastard, Tomohiro Ishii) as fans everywhere groan and shake their heads. “He’s getting over though!” WWE defenders still cry.

– After the Hell In A Cell debacle and Shorty fucking G, Brazzers offers WWE assistance in how to craft logical and coherent stories.

– In an interview with TMZ, Big Show tells fans to, “sit back, watch the show, and enjoy it. Quit trying to direct it”, cementing himself as the Positivity Police Poster Boy.

– Eric Bischoff is let go by WWE after mere months and replaced with Bruce Prichard.

– Seth Rollins tries to defend his horrendous Hell In Cell match with Bray Wyatt on Twitter;


Keep doing you, Seth.

– Irish Wrestling Twitter has a total normal one for most of the month, & it carries on through the year. It’s mostly to do with the fucking positivity police (both fans and wrestlers) throwing their dummies out over justified critique of the Irish scene & wrestling in general.

– Necro Butcher decided to go on Facebook and have a pop at Darby Allin getting an AEW title shot. Apparently it’s an example of ‘internet fans’ ruining wresting. I think that MAGA cap might be cutting off the blood supply to your brain there, Necro.

– Everyone who hasn’t felt the warmth of another non-family member also decided to throw shade at Marko Stunt, despite him being one of the most unique, fun and inspirational wrestlers on the AEW roster.

– WWE attempt to buy their way into Japanese promotions in order to start NXT-Japan. They offer everything from Hall Of Fame placements to…uhhh…money, I guess? What else can they offer? They are soundly shot down by most, if not all, of the promotions who were courted.

– Impact streams a show to Twitch using Josh Matthew’s phone, and he frantically appears on camera during the show, holding a beer, begging for his phone back.

– Tons of game play footage showing how massively unfinished and glitchy WWE 2K20 is come flying out of the woodwork. It’s a terrible game and is panned across the board (apart from by those few who want that WWE/2K gift basket).

– Bushiroad purchase World Wonder Ring Stardom.

– Now that they aren’t instantly selling out venues like they used to, PROGRESS announce their new tiered membership system, and it’s practically a cash grab designed to gouge all the wallets of the remaining Ultras.

– “Riddle huge for teenage boys” – Dave Meltzer, 18/10/19

– In a video posted to New Japan World, Will Ospreay has Sho and Yoh over for Sunday dinner with his mum & dad. This results in the greatest video ever produced and is, pound for pound, better than that month’s King Of Pro Wrestling show.

– ACH starts his renegade against the WWE due to his particularly offensive merch line. In a series of posts and videos, ACH brands WWE as racist and announces that he is done with WWE.

– ROH cancels their November Texas tour due to ‘operational conflict’. Uh-huh.

– Tyler Bate is pulled from OTT’s Fifth Anniversary Show at very short notice due to ‘medical clearance’. Four days later, he’s on NXT TV.

– It’s discovered that in WWE2K20 if you add Chyna to the DX stable it automatically deletes the whole group.

– Over on AEW Dynamite, Kenny Omega dresses up as Sans from Undertale, complete with an intro that made out New Japan to be this big evil baddie, and my skin crawled so much that I needed to see a dermatologist afterwards. You wouldn’t know that he was feuding with Moxley at all.

– Lance Storm gets into a battle of pro wrestling semantics with CHRIS HERO. Chris fucking Hero, the living breathing encyclopedia of wrestling, and Lance Storm decided to have one out with him about personalising move names.

– Nattie & Lacey are announced to be wrestling on the Saudi show. A groundbreaking announcement, only marred by the “THIS WILL INSPIRE MASSIVE CHANGE” publicity/propaganda tweets that followed. Yep, WWE ends women’s oppression with a wrestling match funded by the actual oppressor.

– Brock Lesnar makes swift work of Cain Velasquez at the Saudi Shitshow. Then he batters him with a chair in the post-match. It’s very anti-climatic.

– Bray Wyatt (who brings along his severed head lamp one year after the murder of Jamal Khashoggi) defeats Seth Rollins via fluke for the Universal Championship at the Saudi Dictatorship Super Show. It is predictably terrible.

– We loved him back in the 90’s, we loved him back in the 00’s, but in 2019 Jim Ross continued to be a detriment to the AEW product throughout the month, and through the rest of the year.


– Most of the WWE roster is held captive in Saudi Arabia. ‘Mechanical Issues’ are blamed for the plane being held for hours & the talent have to find last minute accommodation. Some go along with the company’s story, whereas others vent their frustrations at the situation.

– Hugo Savinovich says the plane back home from Saudi Arabia was called off because Vince was owed around $600 million so kept the show off the air until he was paid. The Saudi Prince then had the plane & talent held up as revenge. Vince was on his way home in his private jet when it all went down.

– Joey Mercury rips into ROH management in a series of tweets. This includes (but is not limited to); trying to make Kelly Klein work with a concussion. Not paying a living wage to the women. Not providing transport for international talent. Not taking care of Jeff Cobb or Jay Lethal when they were hurt. No telling Shane Taylor that they plan to not re-sign him on Jan 1st. Medical protocol being very lax in general.

– “If we paid you a living wage, we’d have to pay everybody a living wage”- ROH management to Kelly Klein.

– Hiromu Takahashi returns at Power Struggle and bumps around the ring to show that he’s still more than happy to land on his head for our enjoyment.

– During an AEW media scrum, Darby Allin told EVOLVE to “go fuck itself”. Tremendous!

He also lambasted the WWE creative team; “WWE would have probably made me a creepy figure in a boiler room jacking off or something”. I love that man.

– Wrestling Observer tries to explain the awful Undertale segment on Dynamite, which was clearly a thinly-veiled email from Omega to Dave explaining all the symbolism and reasoning.

– “I just do what I want and I don’t really care if anyone gets it. It’s always gonna be like that.” – Kenny Omega. That explains an awful lot.

– WWE cements their Saudi Arabia relationship with a press release about their fantastic Saudi Arabia relationship. Nothing happened, everything is fine.

– Chris Jericho records a podcast with Donald Trump Jr to promote his book, “Triggered”. People are shocked to find out that the rich, white, middle-aged sportsman with a middle class upbringing would do such a thing. Still, giving a platform to that wanker was a real shit move.

– Kenny Omega is stopped on his way into Japan, the 3rd time since leaving NJPW, & was almost banned for 10 years (according to WON). This explains Omega painting NJPW as the bad guy on fucking TV out of nowhere. It’s obviously NJPW out to get him, not Omega getting his paperwork wrong.

– To no one’s shock, Ryan Satin appears on WWE Backstage as their regular ‘reporter’. His big news for that week? Speculation about Alexa Bliss and Randy Orton inking new deals. There was obviously nothing else going on in the wrestling industry.

– Daisuke Sekimoto, WALTER, Yuji Okabayashi & Yuji Hino slap, suplex and chop the ever loving bejesus out of each other in Big Japan. It’s fucking glorious.

– Kenny Omega builds up the Riho vs Emi Sakura match in a single tweet describing their long history, causing everyone to jump up and shout “WHY THE FUCK WASN’T THIS ON TV?!?”.

– A very drunk Jimmy Havoc gets choked out by Excalibur in front of his boss and colleagues. He also smashes his phone against the wall and then spends his Saturday night at Matt Riddle’s house.

Also, @IandrewDiceClay tweets out a photo of Jimmy Havoc and Phil Mitchell, joking that Phil was an unmasked Excalibur and the reason they had a fight was because Jimmy posed it on Instagram. Jim Cornette, clearly not having his Queen Vic membership card, actually talks about it’s potential legitimacy on his podcast. JC had an online tiff about this when he found out the truth.

– Kenny Omega & Jon Moxley duke it out for 40 mins(!) in match that features barbed wire, sugar glass, bob wire & Omega doing a Phoenix Splash onto the bare ring boards. A lot of people didn’t like it for being ‘too violent’ & we’ll refer to these people from here on out as ‘nerds’.

– A worker in the sex industry posts DM’s from Chasyn Rance where he basically threatens to have her beaten up and/or killed for cancelling their appointment after she learned of his horrible past.

– Independent wrestler Matt Travis sadly passes away at the age of 26.

– “The WWE brand continues to expand worldwide…we believe there remains a substantial long-term opportunity to grow our WWE 2K series by improving the quality of the game” – Karl Slatoff, president of Take-Two Interactive. That’s WWE games fucked for a while then.

– A Twitter account by the name of All Rights Reserved pops up & their aim is to report ‘copyrighted’ wrestling content on streaming sites. The account is followed by AEW, Al Snow & Rob Black. The cop calling, snitch tagging nature of Twitter was fucking awful in 2019.

– Sin Cara asks for his WWE release.

– WWE pre-tapes RAW in Manchester, England. Seth Rollins is booed out the building, but this is muted during the actual broadcast. WWE edits in crowd shots of people cheering and showing actual life from the October 28th Raw in St. Louis, Missouri.

– Seth Rollins beat NXT-UK champion WALTER by DQ on Smackdown due to Imperium’s interference. Imperium then lost an 8-man tag to Rollins, Owens and The Street Profits. There are no words.

– In his review of Jon Moxley vs Kenny Omega, Dave Meltzer says that he hated it, before awarding the match ****1/2 stars. Because of course he did.

– CM PUNK RETURNS TO WRESTLING…at the end of a WWE studio show on Fox, where he looked completely unenthusiastic, lethargic & dead on the inside. The anti-climax of all anti-climaxes, people still tried to paint this as “actually good” despite it being incredibly cringe & shit.

– “By the way, there’s this unbelievable rumour going around that NJPW tried to prevent Kenny Omega from entering Japan, there’s no way a company (meaning New Japan) could do that, no reason to do that or would even want to do that.” – Harold Meij.

– Pro Wrestling Clash announces that their last show will be Feb 16th, and 1PW also announce their own closure (but that one is mainly down to pure incompetence on their part). Everyone posts that Pete Dunne “Britwres is Fine” tweet, and rightfully so.

– Brian Last tries to push his ‘Joey Janela is sloppy and dangerous’ narrative, despite a multitude of top-tier talent calling out the obvious bullshit.

– Jim Cornette, ever the cunt, says that Justin Roberts (reportedly one of the nicest, most well-liked guys in the biz) looks like a paedophile and shouldn’t be near kids.

– Shortly after wrestling for wXw, Oney Lorcan requests his WWE release. It’s almost like he realised what it’s like to be able to indulge in professional wrestling without constantly being micro-managed whilst in the ring.

– WWE continue their trend of trying to drop a concrete block on pre-established, IRL relationships and marriages with the Lana/Lashley/Rusev storyline.

– In a press release, CZW announces a PPV deal where they present Best Of comps including “CZW Girlz: Double D Destruction”.
Credit to @JANELABABY for the screencap.

– NXT-UK Takeover Blackpool:II sells out in two hours, proving that the Takeover brand name still means something.

– NXT-UK also announces upcoming taping dates, including a weekend that clashes with wXw’s 16 Carat Gold tournament. Weird how that keeps happening…

– On Smackdown, Baron Corbin introduces a giant chihuahua (man in a costume) on Smackdown that’s also dressed as Roman Reigns. This is accompanied by Reign’s entrance music having yappy dogs and yappy barking layered into it. All of this, on FOX, to go-away heat.

– Trent Seven, the worlds oldest teenager, tells someone to “G R O W U P” over their (correct) opinion that NXT-UK is bad for the UK scene.

– Randy Orton & Tony Khan get in a back-&-forth on Twitter. It ends with Khan reminding us all that Orton dropped an N-bomb on a Twitch stream.

– NWA temporary removes the latest episode of NWA Poweeerrrrr from YouTube in order to mute a racist comment from Jim Cornette that somehow wasn’t edited out. Jim Cornette then resigns from NWA, refused to give a full apology and blamed AEW fans(!).

– Someone tries to defend Cornette’s comments in a thread on Twitter, proudly stating that he was black & didn’t find any offence in Jim’s comments. It was pretty quickly discovered that he was white, & even had a photo of his big white self getting a mark pic with Cornette.

– CM Punk appears on WWE Backstage and has a go at Seth Rollins being on Twitter too much and talks about WWE’s constant micromanaging of the product. It still comes off as Punk trying way too hard to be egdy. A defiant chapter to the CM Punk saga, to be sure.

– In an interview with tabloid newspaper The Mirror, on the subject of pro wrestling unions, Rhyno says, “A union would not be good for wrestlers, fans or promoters and it would kill the industry”. He probably said this whilst lighting a cigar with a 100 dollar bill.

– Chase Owens tweets out a screenshot of a DM convo he had with ROH management, where Chase is trying to figure out ROH’s lacklustre travel schedule for Hikuleo, only to be told that Hikuleo was a “waste of $”.

– WWE accidentally uploads 8 hours of an NXT-UK production feed as an unlisted video to their official YouTube channel. Tons of production notes and secrets are laid bare, but it furthers proves that organic wrestling in WWE is dead.

– ACH is released from his WWE contract and all ready had indie dates ready to go.

– BritWres indies everywhere bring in loads of lucha lads, but they also book Mecha Wolf on the sly.

– “It’s probably best to cut ties with him (ACH) for a large number of reasons. The bad aspect of it is it sets a precedent for those who want out of their deals to cry racism” – Dave Meltzer, who really should’ve thought about wording this better.

– ROH fire Kelly Klien via email whilst she is still out with a concussion. ROH frames it has “not renewing her contract”. ROH’s lack of proper concussion protocol, and their refusal to pay the women properly, is again heavily scrutinised.

– It took 7 weeks and NXT bloating their show with tons of main roster talent and a ladder match, but NXT beat AEW in the ratings war 916,000 to 893,000. AEW won all the key demo categories though, apart from 50+.

– The AEW social media manager has whinge on Twitter about people criticising AEW’s social media roll out. He got so riled up that he posted his own phone number (he would also unsuccessfully attempt to dox someone’s phone number afterwards).

– TK O’Ryan goes online to defend ROH. His defence? They help him afford his lifestyle, therefore they are amazing and “internet journalists” are just scum with an agenda. Fucking hell, you couldn’t write this.

– WWE pull Toni Storm from her advertised match on a PROGRESS card on a few days notice and it makes you wonder why any promotion would even bother using any NXT-UK talent at this point.

– NXT invades Smackdown while the REAL stars, HBK and HHH, ride in truck in the middle of them like Moses parting the Red Sea.

– Britt Baker appears as a ‘shocked fan in the crowd’ at NXT Takeover, and then AEW has her do the same thing on Dynamite.

– At Survivor Series, a bona fide dream match takes place; AJ Styles vs Roderick Strong vs Shinsuke Nakamura. The crowd go on to sit on their hands and start CM PUNK chants because it’s fucking WWE.

– NXT-UK Champion WALTER is pinned in mere minutes at the Survivor Series and is the first from his team eliminated. Fuck, Dominick Mysterio was booked to look stronger than WALTER that night.

– Mauro Ranallo leaves Twiiter and is absent from NXT TV due to his co-worker Corey Graves publicly critiquing him. A work colleague making snide remarks about another on such a public platform is incredibly poor form & the sign of a true wanker.

– Graves takes to his podast to talk about the Mauro tweets. He ends up going off on the “dirtsheets” & says that Meltzer should’ve called him first before reporting on the story. Shouldn’t you have called Mauro first before tweeting about him, Corey?

– Frank Shamrock, Mauro’s good pal and agent, tells Graves to pop round his gaff for a “chat”. Graves most likely shat himself at this point, and rightly so.

– ROH blocks Kelly Klein, their own women’s champion who is out with a concussion , on Twitter.

– Something happens in New Japan called the “World Tag League”.

I don’t know, apparently there was some wrestling going on with all the tag teams fighting each other in various combinations. I’m not actually sure that it even happened.


– The Sandman gets a kicking on social media for complaining about women wrestlers headlining shows.

– WWE does what WWE does and stops Black Label Pro from naming their Jan 18th event ‘Crown Point Jewel’.

– TJP reveals exactly how micro-managed WWE wrestlers are, even down to being told by the ref when to grab a headlock. “Your match just isn’t your match there”, he explained.

– NWA thank Jim Cornette for his dedication and service with a video that had slow, sad music playing in the background. Yep, the same Jim Cornette who had no choice but to fuck off after he spewed out a racist joke on their pre-taped YouTube show.

– Robert Roode and Primo Colon get suspended for wellness violations. Primo is a weird one as he hasn’t worked a WWE show since February.

– Gabe Sapolsky goes after someone in their DM’s for positing that EVOLVE pays their workers poorly, with Gabe stating that they “pay plenty of people”. Huh, not all of them then…

– WWE discontinues the weekly Hidden Gems series on their Network, which was pretty much one of the only reasons that some people were still subscribing to the service.

– Brad Shepard pens an article for Pro Sports Extra titled; “BRAD’S BUTT BEAUTIES – RATING THE 5 BEST WOMEN’S BUTTS IN WWE”`. The absolute fucking state of it.

– Dec 5th; Like Alan Partridge, AEW bounces back and defeats NXT in the ratings war.

– MJF’s promo were he explains that he hired the Butcher And The Blade to take out Cody doesn’t air on Dynamite, and is instead posted to AEW’s Twitter account.

– WALTER’s car gets broken into, and his passport and the WWE-UK title are stolen. WALTER then wrestles his scheduled dates in nothing but black underwear, making niche wrestling fetishists nut all over their laptops.

– Oney Lorcan re-signs with WWE, the gigantic fucking cock tease.

– After getting booked on a few shows after his WWE release, ACH suddenly cancels all his dates and announces that he is quitting wrestling, and blames the fans and ‘snakes in the industry’ for his departure. It’s all very worrying.

On a serious note, I hope all the WWE Ultras who jumped into ACH’s mentions are happy with this. Threads below every news article and opinion piece about the situation were full of vile garbage being spewed from the WWE faithful.

– In what was essentially promoted as UFC vs WWE by Combate Americas (complete with replica title belts), Tito Ortiz dominates and defeats Albert Del Rio three minutes into the first round via rear-naked choke submission.

– Dragon Lee returns to New Japan as Ryu Lee and challenges Jushin Liger for his final match. On the same show, Kota Ibushi BATTERS Okada with his G1 briefcase and continually attacks him like the mad, hard, dangerous bastard that he is.

– Sami Zayn tells a fan in the front row to get to fuck after he called a Zayn a homophobic slur. To make matters worse for the dickhead, his kids can be heard screaming “DAD! DAD!!!” as they are mortified at their Dad being an utter fucking bellend.

– The Ascension, Luke Harper and Sin Cara are released in one swoop by WWE.

– The Street Profits are demoted to doing SNL skits on WWE RAW.

– You know when you’re playing EWR, and you have an empty slot on a TV card but everyone in a feud is already being used elsewhere on the show and you have to fill it with scraps? Well, AEW promoted Scorpio Sky vs Peter Avalon vs Jimmy Havoc for DARK.

– TIME names Greta Thunberg as their 2019 Person Of The Year, and Jack Swagger adds ‘Climate Change Denier’ to his laundry list of bad qualities by going off in the Twitter comments.

– Dec 12: AEW and NXT tie in the ratings war with matching numbers of 778,000 a piece.

– Flash Morgan Webster, who apparently voted Labour, jumped on Twitter to say “You can’t just say people who voted Tory are idiots or heartless”.

Yeah you can mate, and looking at the crumbling state of the NHS and public services, I will continue to do so.

– Cara Noir gets a DM from Nick Aldis because he made a tongue-in-cheek comment about Aldis not being good/nice. Aldis reverts to the “Well I make more money than you!” defence, threats of violence & calls Cara a play wrestler. Nice guy, that Nick Aldis.

– On Smackdown, a Caucasian male with long blonde hair (Dolph Ziggler) chains Kofi Kingston to the ringpost. Obviously, this isn’t a good look in 2019 and hoards of Caucasian males rush to Twitter to defend it.

– During their biggest event of the year, CZW show how much they’ve changed after all these years by having Maven Bentley and DJ Hyde in high-profile positions during Cage Of Death. A load of CZW trainees then get mad at the critique and lash out in people’s mentions.

– Kari Sane gets concussed during her TLC match against Charlotte and Becky Lynch. There is a communication breakdown somewhere, and some carelessness on Charlotte’s part, as Sane is bounced and slapped around despite the obvious situation that has unfolded.

– On RAW, there’s a 45 minute gauntlet to determine the #1 contender for the US title. It has a non-finish and Seth Rollins, who was not in the gauntlet, challenges for the US title instead.

– On an episode of Top 10, WWE heavily edit the audio of The Shield’s debut to remove any mention of Dean Ambrose. Incredibly gotten-to, those WWE lads.

– Shayna Baszler’s 415 day reign as NXT Women’s Champions ends when she’s defeated by Rhea Ripley.

– By the end of December, AEW would have three concurrently running “JOIN US!!” angles with three separate stables.

– During The Dark Order’s attack on The Elite And Friends, one of the Dark Order gimps lays in punches to Dustin Rhodes that land 10 inches from his head. It’s presumably some local lad who’ll work it into a gimmick down the line.

– After the Dec 18th AEW Dynamite has finished, Tony Khan hits Shawn Spears with a Stunner as the half-empty venue goes nuts. AEW stans rush to Twitter to defend it as “a bit of fun for the live crowd!”. Oh boy. This is not a good sign.

– Dec 18th ratings: NXT: 795,000. AEW: 683,000. Also, NXT won adult & young male demographics for the first time. “iF yOu DoNt LiKe It DoNt WaTcH” said the AEW hardcores. Well, there you go.

– TJP stays very on-brand by logging on and saying “(Trump is) statistically one of the best presidents we’ve ever had”. Yikes.

– The Young Bucks delete their Twitter accounts due to toxicity on the app and claimed that it “stifled their creativity”. I read that as “We’re fed up of everyone not unanimously praising AEW’s booking and creative decisions”.

– Dan Moloney goes on his annual “HOW IS BRITWRES DEAD WHEN ME AND OTHER WRESTLERS ARE WRESTLING IN BRITAIN” escapades on the God-forsaken app that is Twitter, totally missing the point (yet again).

– David Marquez, of CWFH, decides that it’s very appropriate to ask why Eddie Murphy can say ‘Coon Boy’ but Jim Cornette can’t make “starvation jokes”, which is some massive galaxy brain thinking.

– Kenny Omega & the Bucks have a moan about New Japan not treating them like princesses on their way out of the company. It’s not like you were off to start a big wrestling company in North America, the same market that New Japan positioned you to cater to, or anything lads.

– Triple H goes on Corey’s Graves ‘After The Bell’, where he admits to putting some British promotions out of business, but only the ‘dangerous ones’ with a shoddy rings, obviously. I’m sure Peter Kaasa would like a word with you about WWE’s partnership with EVOLVE in that case.

– The AEW social media manager goes for it again by directly responding to people who are criticising AEW’s social media output. He promptly disables his account. It also comes to light that AEW, a company owned by a billionaire, only has the one guy doing their social media.

– Predictably, Anthem drops NJPW from AXS. It would come out that Anthem wanted NJPW to start a working agreement with Impact in order for them to stay on AXS (which stinks of blackmail to me). It also adds fire to the theory that Anthem had to purchase a TV station just to keep Impact afloat.

– Dec 11th ratings. NXT: 831,000. AEW: 0.

AEW had nothing planned for that Wednesday so the roster had the week off. Of course, various wrestling news outlets would jokingly report those ratings, only to be flooded with humourless AEW fans telling them how wrong they are.

– Jordan Oliver & Blake Christian, two young up-&-coming flippy dudes, have a pretty choreographed, slightly sloppy but very entertaining match for GCW. The Virginity Defence Squad then tag the likes of Cornette in the GIFs to no one’s surprise, & Twitter has a very normal one.

– Flash Morgan Webster and Wild Boar announce that they are purchasing Pro Wrestling:Chaos, who were due to cease operations in the new year. Hopefully this is good news for the scene, and PW:C doesn’t become another NXT-UK feeder system but time will tell.

– An old video surfaces of Lars Sullivan doing some gay porn, which is weird considering his homophobic comments that got dug up a while back. If you like irony folded into your erotica, you should check it out.

– At PROGRESS 100, Jim Smallman says goodbye. Jimmy Havoc returns to defeat David Starr in a pointless deathmatch. Toni Storm is ill, leaving Jinny without an opponent because PROGRESS couldn’t be bothered to get a replacement woman wrestler. NXT-UK guys mostly win. Business as usual, then.

– In the last segment of the last RAW of the ’10s, Lashley & Lana’s wedding is interrupted by Liv Morgan, who announces herself as Lana’s ex-lover because Paul Heyman still thinks that it’s 1996. An awful angle to end an awful year for WWE.

– The Lana/Rusev/Lashley/Liv angle would also be the last ever RAW segment aired by SKY Sports, who had been the home of WWE in the UK for 30 years and were not extending their contract beyond that episode. Absolutely tragic.

BT Sports also announce that they’ll be airing NXT and NXT-UK along with RAW, SmackDown and PPVs. Talksport calls it a “huge coup for BT Sport as the NXT brand is arguably the hottest in professional wrestling period”. That’s quite the take, lads. Cash in hand, was it?

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