CZW Cage Of Death 5

So, CZW! There’s a few letters that strikes fear into any wrestling fan in the modern age. Heatless shows with illogical storylines and a desire to simply just exist, along with their reputation for dangerous gimmick matches and their annual Tournament/Cage Of Death shows are enough to have them on the bottom of the indieContinue reading “CZW Cage Of Death 5”

Ladder Match Reviews 2020: #2

NXT-UK Takeover Blackpool 2 – 12/01/2020 WWE NXT UK Tag Team Title Ladder Match: Gallus (c) vs. Grizzled Young Veterans vs. South Wales Subculture vs. Imperium I’ve been putting off this review for a while due to the opening two minutes featuring fucking GALLUS and Mark Andrew’s cringe arm-waving entrance. I’ve seen every pop-punk bandContinue reading “Ladder Match Reviews 2020: #2”

Ladder Match Reviews 2020: #1

WWE Monday Night RAW #1391 (20/01/2020) WWE United States Title Ladder Match: Andrade (w/Zelina Vega) (c) vs. Rey Mysterio The first ladder match of 2020! Well, the first one that I am reviewing anyhow. Christ, I have not watched RAW or a full RAW match in years. I was right and very smart to makeContinue reading “Ladder Match Reviews 2020: #1”