Hotdogs And Handskakes Podcast

A retrospective look at the wild, wild west of the 2000’s independent wrestling scene. Join Shane (Wrestle Wipe guy) and Liam (cup of coffee ex-indie wrestler) as they revisit and review indie wrestling tournaments and landmark shows.

ICW The Revolution Continues: The Sludge Of Sledge. Hotdogs & Handshakes

Episode Six is finally here! From technical issues to cyber attacks, the much-awaited first look at 2001 had roadblock after roadblock, so thank you for your patience! Join us as we talk about professional indie wrestling from the year two-thousand and one…and find out how very two-thousand and one it is!   Links and plugs: Shane on Twitter Liam on Twitter Wrestle Wipe
  1. ICW The Revolution Continues: The Sludge Of Sledge.
  2. WrestleWipe #0 – August 2020
  3. Bonus Episode: The Best and Worst of 2020
  4. APW King Of The Indies 2000: The Assassination Of Alan Balti
  5. IWA-MS Sweet Science 16 2000, Day 2: The Audacity Of Harry Palmer

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