Hotdogs And Handshakes Podcast: Episode 4

Episode four is finally here! We review the final night of the IWA-MS Sweet Science 16 2000! We cover the quarter-finals all the way up to the finals, as well as some non-tournament action too! Also, we chat about The Invasion, WCW being cheapskates, Chris Hero’s hair, Ian Rotten shoot promos, Gangrel elbow drops, huge IWA conspiracy theories and HARDCORE CRAIG.

Source: IWA-MS Sweet Science 16 2000, Day 2: The Audacity Of Harry Palmer

H&H Fast Forward Ep 1: CZW Best Of The Best 2 Hotdogs & Handshakes

We're back…for a bit! We're taking a mini trip around the 2010's and fast-forwarding to 2002 to cover CZW's Best Of The Best 2! Why? All will be explained in this episode! Anyway, it's not like we need an excuse to cover one of the best indie shows of the 2010's…   Links and plugs: Shane on Twitter Liam on Twitter Wrestle Wipe
  1. H&H Fast Forward Ep 1: CZW Best Of The Best 2
  2. ICW The Revolution Continues: The Sludge Of Sledge.
  3. WrestleWipe #0 – August 2020
  4. Bonus Episode: The Best and Worst of 2020
  5. APW King Of The Indies 2000: The Assassination Of Alan Balti

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